Encouraging Discussion

Miho K. - Encompass Team, Math Instructor, & Donut Lover

I believe in education based on a “how to think” philosophy. My students have learned not only to find the correct answer but to reason through why they reached their solution. To do so, I have focused on a more engaging classroom setting that is discussion-centered. My ultimate goal for my students is to discover what is unknown. I believe that curiosity is what drives the students. My students will learn to always ponder “why” and “how” something is true. At the end, they will not only learn mathematics but learn how to become critical thinkers.

I have known Christine as a teacher, a mentor, and a friend. As a teacher, she always cares about her students’ well-being not only academically but emotionally and physically as well. This is clear by the way her students reciprocate in their care about her well-being, which speaks volumes. She teaches not only to raise their scores but to help them become better students. As a mentor, she helped me build my teaching philosophy. I have known her since the beginning of my teaching career. I teach based on what I have seen her do with her students. As a friend, she will take care of you - mentally and physically. Whether it is through sending cat pictures or having double dinner in one night, she puts her loved ones first. I am so lucky to know her in many different ways. Working with her, being her student, having her as a friend, and simply knowing her is a privilege.