Walking Together

Alexander Hodge-Wallis - Reading Instructor, UCI PhD Candidate of Political Science, & Trained French Chef

My teaching philosophy can best be described as student-centered. While the academic and intellectual growth of the pupil is the focus of my teaching, I believe in a holistic approach which also addresses a student’s emotional and psychological needs. To do so, I work to develop a strong personal connection with my students based on trust. This personal connection improves academic performance by increasing students’ receptivity to constructive feedback. It also improves their mental and emotional well-being, as they are more open about their academic struggles when they have someone that they trust.

Working with Christine has only served to reinforce this philosophy, as her work is driven by the needs of her students. She treats each student as a unique individual, using a custom approach to the learning styles and needs of her students. The quality of her results is a testament to the value of this approach; her students rapidly improve not only their scores but their critical thinking and problem solving abilities. Moreover, Christine has sought to impart these values to her team as well. As a leader, Christine fosters the same well-rounded approach that she takes with her students. She encourages a strong group dynamic where each instructor can develop their own style in accordance with their personal strengths and the needs of their pupils.