Tracy H. - University H.S. (Class of 2019), Leader, & Adrenaline Junkie

Christine is the most skillful teacher I have known. I first started working with her for SAT preparation. During class, she listened to me to make sure she understood my needs and helped me in the most effective way; when teaching, her clinical approaches were extremely efficient and applicable since she taught me not only the answer but also her philosophy of encountering different problems. Outside class, she is an approachable, reliable, and kind adult who gives me inspiration and wise advice about a variety of life’s circumstances. I feel very lucky to have encountered her and to have her as my teacher. I am working with Christine this year on college applications since I trust her guidelines more than anyone else’s. Side note: if you want to talk about dope intellectual jokes, talk to Christine.  

(2018 SAT and College Applications - Stanford Early Decision, Princeton, NYU, Columbia, Duke)