Shreya G. - University of Maryland, Criminal Psychology

This past year, I’ve done a lot of reflecting and I have a lot to thank you for. You’ve taught me that failing is okay and even the most “perfect” person has probably failed a few times before. You’ve taught me and made me realize that I am strong. Before, and probably until senior year of high school, I always thought I was weak and incapable of doing much with my life. I always classified myself as average or below average. It wasn’t anything in particular that you said (of praise) that changed how I viewed myself; it was more of the conversations we had and the way you treated me that helped me realize that I am strong. And finally, thank you for helping me look at the positives in situations no matter how bad things get.

You are more than the best writing and reading teacher; you’ve been someone who has helped me through difficulties in life even though you didn’t have to. Thank you for everything.

(2014 SAT & 2015 College Applications)