Ryan H. - UC Berkeley, Haas Business School

I’ve always felt you were a natural leader, and now you can do so much more for your students, their parents, and your teachers.

Over the years, you have taught me more than simply how to succeed in the classroom; you showed me how to think and how to feel and how to adapt to the unexpected things life throws at us. I’ve learned perspectives and priorities that don’t follow the cookie-cutter norms of what I grew up with. There are other ways to approach my goals, and you’ve been there every step of the way to keep me on track.

At times, I needed support, and at other times, I needed a kick in the head. No matter your advice, I never felt judged or discouraged. Your words have given me so much strength and clarity through the most difficult times and I am grateful to have had your mentorship.

To whoever is reading this, Christine is more than a teacher; she is a leader in every sense of the word and she will push you when she sees your potential. Her desire to do all she can to ensure your emotional health as the primary foundation to your academic success is unwavering and you should never doubt her sincerity.

Thank you, Christine, for all that you’ve shown me and I hope to continue to make you proud.

(2014 College Applications)