Teacher, Mentor, Coach

Founder: Christine Hsieh
20 years specializing in Test Preparation and College Admissions.
12 years as Senior Instructor with Elite Education.
6 years of instruction and development with Princeton Review, Kaplan, and SCORE.
11 years as Mentor and Life Coach to teens and adults.
(Test preparations include: SAT/ACT, PSAT/PACT, ISEE, SSAT, SAT II, AP, and TOEFL.)


Encompass Team: Character is key, and all teachers at Encompass are recruited based on Patience, Compassion, and Empathy as foundations to their impressive resumes. Students are matched with Instructors based on subject matter as well as personality and learning/teaching style. The Encompass team is a tightly knit group of passionate teachers and professionals who value a deeper understanding of the Self in order to create a clear direction in every student’s life.

All students have the ability to excel; it’s our job to design an environment in which each student will believe the same.

Tutoring sessions will entail mentoring since Instructors are taught to evaluate how each student learns and to discover all areas of improvement rather than simply targeting academic weaknesses.


For Youth and Teens: Guiding and mentoring young minds and preparing them for the ever changing world ahead. Helping middle and high school students understand the WHY behind the WHAT, and to give them a broader view of how to deal with the growing demands of academia and beyond. Focused largely on self-awareness, prioritization, time management, and goal setting in addition to effective communication and listening, emotional development, and leadership.

Emotional and Psychological well-being are the top priorities ahead of grades and test scores because without a feeling of safety and support, a mind can never flourish.


For Students and Professionals: Giving support to those who have the ability but lack direction. From struggling middle school students who are fearful of their teachers to high achieving high school students suffering from test anxiety to successful professionals seeking personal growth, it all starts with understanding what you are worth and how much power you carry in the face of life’s challenges. Regardless of your hurdles, there is always a solution, and it starts with intensive self analysis and the bravery required to be honest with yourself. Without that, you will never find your way through.

Don’t limit your challenges; Challenge your limits.